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Twenty-seven years ago, Angela's Decorative Accents (aka Angela's Decor Accents) home of Angela's Deco Accents Vintage n Supplies and ADA Art Made, whose first handmade product started with a suggestion from a friend to make wreaths for our homes, from that moment I realized how much I truly loved creating with silk and dry flowers. As being drawn to photography and sketching flowers throughout my adolescence, creating decorative and functional designs became far more satisying to me, so much so, that I beleived I had found my true calling!

As a result of the pride my creations brought me, showing pictures of what I made for various rooms of my home, I began getting requests at work for wreaths... Angela's was born, moving on to the cottage industry selling in local consignment shops as well as shows and for a brief year, devoting time and selling with an artisan coop.

Over the years and after a number of setbacks, transformations including having owned and ran a brick and mortar Fresh Flower, Vintage and Gift Shop, my true intentions were to run my business online as well. However, my new Silk Floral Designs and Shell Creations have found a welcome home here online, Thanks to All my Wonderful Customers! It is my hope and aspiration to return to my roots of a physical location, where I can experience the best of both worlds in the near future!

Customer Satisfaction is my Top Priority, whether it involves this, my combined handmade with vintage and supplies shop or my individual shops found on other sites, it means a great deal to me, therefore, if an item does not meet your expectations, just let me know the day you receive the item and how you wish to proceed... either a store credit, replacement or a full refund issued if the item is returned within 7 days of receipt. I also promise to truly listen and understand my customers as I have done in my past and moving forward. I take enormous pride in asking the right questions, going above and beyond in fulfilling design requests with quality in materials and construction to the very best of my ability… Guaranteed!

In the meantime, I continue to draw inspiration from the past with fashionably timeless pieces for the home or heart, the natural beauty in landscapes and flowers from my garden to my finished designs in creating digital art mandalas, including eco friendly recycling or up cycling for my hand made items as well. Not to mention my family travels, where I happened upon another love and medium to create with in recent years... Seashells! Actually, one of my fondest memories is centered around them, having shared in the Sanibel stoop with my amazing daughter for days on end, despite the aches that come with constant crouching for shells, we both managed to carry on for the mere thrill of the finds and there were many to be had, in all shapes and sizes.

As if that weren’t enough, we both resorted to what I’d like to call the Sanibel Crawl, that’s when the pull of the shells was as great as the tides, for which neither of us was ready to give it a break and decided to spare our achy backs for bits of time, so we slithered or crawled about the water’s edge on our hands, with just our heads peering out of the beautiful Gulf waters. I suppose to distant beach combers, we may have looked like a couple of sea otters floating about, but that didn’t matter to us as this “technique” resulted in an abundance of little sea treasures that hadn’t quite been properly beached, they just seemed to roll about unable to make that final hurdle to dry land, so to speak, but lucky for them, we were there to lend them a hand, for most to be cherished as part of a unique piece to be treasured for years to come. I think about this time well spent with my daughter and how much she is loved every time I create a new shell piece; it always makes me smile!

I hope my handmade designs, vintage finds or do it yourself (DIY) supplies and beyond will inspire the love for moments cherished in your life too!

Thank You for your interest in supporting small business and I wish All the Best to You and Yours!


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Welcome to Angela's Decor Accents, home of ADA Art Made, where my passion for nature, be it land or sea, by way of flowers, seashells and love of vintage or use of re purposed items continue to inspire my unique designs from arrangements to wreaths, bridal and wedding decor to accessories for Heart n Home.
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