Vintage Stainless Ring, Polished Steel, Hand Welded, Rope Style, Unisex, Boho, 1970's Silver Color, Size 10 Large, Unisex Ring, Handcrafted


Vintage Taxco Dolphins Brooch, Hallmark 925 Sterling Silver, Mexican Jewelry, Fine Jewelry, Double Dolphin Pin, TU-47 Artist Mark, Pristine


Vintage Leopard Pin, Blue Eye Cougar, Gold Color, Costume Jewelry, Black Gems, Fashion Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Everyday Casual Brooch


Vintage Dog Pin, Costume Jewelry, Spotted Dog Pin, Gold Tone Color, Black Enamel Spots, Vintage Costume Brooch, Animal Lovers, Pet Owners


Silk Floral & Beach Decor, Wedding Flowers, Digital Art ~ Vintage & Beyond Decor

Welcome to Angela's Decor Accents, home of ADA Art Made, where my passion for nature, be it land or sea, by way of flowers, seashells and love of vintage or use of re purposed items continue to inspire my unique designs from arrangements to wreaths, bridal and wedding decor to accessories for Heart n Home.
Faux Floral Designs, Coastal Shell Decor n Gifts, All Things Vintage
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